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Polo Player Neckties

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Polo Player Repeat - Rene Chagal Necktie

This blue 1990's era tie is made of myung ju silk by Rene Chagal, and it is in great shape. 4x59inches (SKU# T17733)

Polo Player, Skier, Shot Putter & Golfer - Tie

This red cotton tie features people engaging in an odd assortment of sports, including skaters. This 1990's era neckwear is marked Tango By Max Raab. It is in great shape. 3.75x55.5inches (SKU# T16445)

Polo Players And Plaid - Silk Sports Novelty Tie

A plaid pattern is combined with polo players for a uniquely designed tie from Jacomo of Paris. This 1990's era silk tie is in excellent condition. 3.75x58inches (SKU# T03773)

Polo Players, Tennis Players & Golfers - Tie

This green silk necktie is fashioned by New Fast. This sports themed neckwear is in very good condition. 4x56inches (SKU# T25154)

Scenes of Polo Players - Pierre Cardin Necktie

This silk designer tie features polo players covering a Persian and paisley pattern.4x56.5inches (SKU# T25608)

Polo Player Repeat - 1980s Vintage Necktie

This brown silk tie is made by the Windsor Shirt Company. It is in excellent vintage condition. 3.25x57inches (SKU# T28247)

Polo Player Striped - 1980s Skinny Necktie

This red, green and yellow stripe tie features polo players on horse. This vintage neckwear is in excellent condition. 2.75x56.5inches (SKU# T28563)

Ralph Lauren Polo Player Logo - Boys Tie

This red designer necktie is made of linen. It is marked Polo By Ralph Lauren. In excellent condition. 2.5x50.5inches (SKU# T34297)

Polo Player On Horse - Silk Sports Necktie

This silk tie is made by BD Baggies. In excellent condition. 4x56inches (SKU# T35316)

Polo Player Repeat - 80's Skinny Red Vintage Tie

This red necktie is made of 70% silk and 30% polyester. It is in very good condition. 3x57inches (SKU# T39012)

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